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Large Scale Dirt Oval Racing with Will Gatzke

Humboldt Battle of the Bullring

Humboldt March 21, 2017




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Atchison County Raceway (ACR) Spring Fling 2016

Doug Thompson visits with Paul Flynn - winner of 1st NHRA Trophy in 1955 in Great Bend, Kansas

Co-Hosts Doug and Roger continue visiting with Auto Racing Historian Bob Lawrence

Co-Hosts Doug and Roger visit with Auto Racing Historian Bob Lawrence

Bob Lawrence is a wealth of knowledge on the history of auto racing in Kansas - Be sure to also check out his website at kansasracinghistory.com




(click on the links below for each show)


Eastbay Raceway - Gibsonton, FL Winternationals USAC Sprints

Desert Thunder Nationals - Casa Grande, AZ  IMCA

Desert Thunder Nationals - Casa Grande, AZ  Mod Lites and Pure Stocks

Springfield, MO - Turkey Bowl B Modifieds  November 29, 2014

Prelude to Turkey Day racing from November 2014

Kansas Racers Trade Show - December 27, 2014




Lakeside Speedway inaugural USRA National Championships - B Modified Feature Race - airdate November 21, 2014

Lakeside Speedway inaugural USRA National Championships - Modified Feature Race - airdate November 7, 2014

Central Missouri Speedway (CMS)  August 30, 2014 - ULMA Late Models and USRA Modified feature races - airdate October 30, 2014

King of Kansas City at Valley Speedway July 16, 2014 - USRA Modifieds - airdate October 17, 2014

Monett Four-State Dirt Track Championship MARS Dirt Car - airdate October 10, 2014

Atchison County Raceway Stock Car Smackdown - airdate October 3, 2014

Sprint Car Hall of Fame Museum - Knoxville, Iowa - airdate September 19, 2014

81 Speedway - August 15, 2014 Harold Leep Memorial USAC - airdate September 12, 2014

Springfield Raceway - from August 2, 2014 - USMTS Racing - airdate September 5, 2014

Central Missouri Raceway - from July 5th, 2014 - Tom Wilson Memorial USRA Modifieds - airdate August 29, 2014

Salina Speedway Part 2 - from June 13th, 2014 -  Late Models and Modifieds - airdate August 22, 2014

Salina Speedway Part 1 - from June 13th, 2014 -  Modified Lites and Hobby Stocks - airdate August 15, 2014

Lakeside Speedway - Special Mother's Day Event Part 2 - airdate August 8, 2014

Lakeside Speedway - Special Mother's Day Event Part 1 - airdate August 1, 2014

Central Missouri I-44 Speedway from May 18th, 2014 - Lebanon Jegs/CRA All-Stars Mercy Masters of the Pros -  144 laps

USRA Stock Cars and A Modifieds - Lakeside Speedway May 16, 2014 - airdate 7-11-14

Grand Nationals and USRA B Modifieds - Lakeside Speedway May 16, 2014 - airdate 7-4-14

John Kuntz Memorial Races of May 10, 2014 Part 2 - airdate 6/27/14

John Kuntz Memorial Races of May 10, 2014 Part 1 - airdate 6/20/14

Central Missouri USRA racing from April 27, 2014 - airdate 6/13/14

I35 Speedway Winston, Missouri racing from April 22, 2014 - airdate 6/6/14

LA Raceway - WOW Sprints - April 12, 2014 -

Lakeside Speedway - April 11, 2014 USMTS

Canyon Speedway, Peoria, Arizona - USAC Season Opener 30 lap feature event

Hays Trade Show

Clyde Wood Memorial

Midwest Dirt Legends Part 1

Midwest Dirt Legends Part 2




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2012 Boone, IA Super Nationals

2012 Belleville Midget Nationals

2012 End of Year Show



   All Grassroots Racing Shows are listed below                                                                                                                                            Click Here to Go Directly to Night at the Track Shows


1.1  Air Date 051712:  Shop Talk with Mike Kraft and Yancy Shepard

2.1 Air Date 052512:  Shop Talk with Huey Anthony

3.1 Air Date 060712:  Doug Thompson discusses Safety with Jeremy Petty

4.1 Air Date 061412:  Doug & Roger on Viper/American Garage Floor set introduce Marc Brown of Advanced Engine

5.1 Air Date 062112: Doug, Roger and Mike Kraft discuss racing season from 2011 and 2012

6.1 Air Date 062812: Doug, Roger and Mike Kraft discuss racing - Roger talks about his racing accident in Enid, Oklahoma

7.1 Air Date 070512: Doug, Roger and Rocky Entriken discuss SCCA and Autocross racing

8.1 Air Date 071212: Doug and Roger visit with Chapman Mayor Phil Weishaar and Shamrock owner Kent Eveleth

                                                          8.1  IPOD VERSION

9.1 Air Date 071912 Doug and Roger introduce ULMA racing from Missouri State Fair Speedway from April 7, 2012

                                                        9.1 IPOD VERSION

10.1 Air Date 072612 Doug and Roger introduce IMCA racing at Thunder Hill Mayetta, Mike Kraft and driver Interviews  from April 28, 2012

11.1 Air Date 080212 Doug and Roger introduce the Flyin' Minis at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex from May 5, 2012

12.1 Air Date 080912 - Doug and Roger discuss the Hutch Nationals, past and present. Discuss 56th Hutch Nationals and "Night at the Track"

13.1 Air Date 081612 - Doug, Roger and Warren Hardy discuss the Hutchinson Nationals and the 2012 races of July 14, 2012.

14.1 Air Date 082312 - Doug introduces the upcoming race from Topeka, KS at the BriggsAuto.com Speedway - interviews by Mike Kraft of the drivers

Show #15 SPECIAL - Mike Kraft interviews Trevor Hunt and his family. Trevor is 13 years old and has been racing since the age of 5

Show #16 - Doug and Roger attend the Chapman Labor Day Car Show (Part 1) and Night at the Track is from May 25th at the Salina, KS Speedway

Show #17 - Doug and Roger attend the Chapman Labor Day Car Show (Part 2) and Night at the Track is from May 18th at the Lakeside Speedway

Show #18 - 90 Minute Special from RPM Speedway in Hays for Mod Mania - NASCAR Drivers, Clint Bowyer and Ken Schrader are up against some tough competition!

Show #19 - air date: October 4, 2012 - 90 Minute Special World of Outlaw Sprint Car Series from Dodge City, Belleville and Lakeside June 23-30, 2012.

Show #20 - air date:  October 11, 2012 - MLRA Racing from US 36 Raceway in Osborn, Missouri on July 19, 2012 - Mike Kraft interview Trenton Berry

Show #21 - air date:  October 18, 2012 - Racing at the Double X Speedway in California, Missouri for the 10th Annual Clyde Wood Memorial Race

Show #22 - air date:  October 25, 2012 - Doug interviews 13 year old driver, Trevor Hunt, racing from Valley Speedway for USMTS and USRA Iron Man

Show #23 - air date: November 1, 2012 - Boone, Iowa Super Nationals feature races.

Show #24 - air date: November 8,. 2012 - Belleville Midget Nationals from Belleville, Kansas

Show #25 - air date: Novmber 15, 2012 - Doug and Bob Bolles of Circle Track Magazine; Mike Kraft at Yancey's Automotive with year-end maintenance and the feature race from Clyde Ellis Memorial Late Model races





2011 GRASSROOTS RACING SHOWS  -    GUESTS                                                                                                  2011  NIGHT AT THE TRACK" SHOWS

   1.            Safety                                                Jack Petty, Pat Neal      

  2.            Safety                                                Jeremy Petty

  3.            Vintage Car Racing                              Lynn Anderson, Bob McCall, Scotty Anderson, Ken Tatro

                                         and           Memorial Race                                  Nathan Brown of RevHoney

  4              Kansas Auto Racing Museum             Doug and Roger tour the museum

 5.            Belleville High Banks                          Bob Blazek

  6.            Lynn Anderson Custom Shop              Lynn Anderson

 7.            Mini-Stock Miracle                             Doug and Roger - Good News Spectacular/Easter

 8.            Mike Kraft/Humboldt                         Mike Kraft intro of NAT

 9.            Interviews                                          Mike Kraft and Up Close with Jeremy Petty

10           Interviews                                          Warren Hardy/81 Speedway, Jeremy Petty

11.          Belleville Motorsports                         BMS, Marc Brown, Jeremy Petty

12.          Advance Engine/Machine                    Marc  Brown,  David Chavarria

13.          Recap                                               Jason Pierson, Kart Racing WaKeeney

14.          Interviews/Wolfgang car                     Rick Salem URSS, Kyle Luetters of WOO

15.          Weber/Sprint/RT                               Ray Weber

16.          Father's Day-Father/Son                     Mike Kraft interviews Tom & Danny Charles

17.          Christian Motorsports                         Roland Osborn

18.          Whiskey Lake/SepticTank                  Dan Wall

19.          Interviews                                         Rod Benken, Robin Lawrence

20.          Interview/Updates                              Barry Ungles

21.          Interviews                                         Phil Birkinsha Atchinson Raceway

22.          Whiskey Lake Promoter                    Roger Thompson, Mike Kraft

23.          Racing at Osborn, Missouri                Mike Kraft at US 36 Raceway

24.          DT/RT Fan Questions                       Marc Brown

  25            WOO & project updates                    Kyle Luetters

  26            Blooper/Septic/ArtsMarys                  Dan Wall

  27.          Interview/Midget Natls                      Warren Hardy at Belleville

  28            Lynn Anderson Shop                        Roger, Lynn Anderson

29.          High Banks Hall of Fame                  Bob Blazek

30.           Safety  show 1                                 Jack Petty, Pat Neal

31.          Kansas Auto Racing Museum            Doug and Roger

32.          Safety Show 2                                 Jeremy Petty

33.          Tire Stagger Ray Weber                   Ray Weber

34.          Track Promoter                               Mike Kraft, Roger Thompson

35.          Race Car Driver                              Jeremy Petty, DT at Belleville Motorsports

36.          Recap show 13                                Doug and Roger

37.          Revisit show 17                               Roland Osborn

38.          Revisit show 19                               Robin Lawrence, Rod Benken

39.          revisit shows20,21                           Barry Ungles, Phil Birkinsha

40.          Revisit show 9                                 Mike Kraft, Jeremy Petty 'Up Close'

41.          Revisit show 14, 25                          Rick Salem, Ray Weber, Kyle Luetters

42.          Revisit show 11                                Belleville Motorsports, Marc Brown, Jeremy Petty



                                         0901.     Mike Kraft In-Car Footage in Kansas and Missouri

                                        1002.     Heartland Park                                   Mike Kraft at Topeka

                                         1103.     Great Am. Dirt Track Jetmore             Sunflower Showdown, Mike Kraft, Patrick Johnson, Al Purkey

                                         1204.     Minneapolis Raceway                         David Chavarria

                                         1305.     81 Speedway                                     Mike Kraft, Jeremy Campbell

                                         1406.     Heartland Park                                  Mike Kraft, NHRA

                                         1507.     RPM Speedway                                David Chavarria, Sprint Car Maynia

                                         1608.     Great Am. Dirt Track Jetmore            Steve King Memorial

                                         1709.     Lakeside Speedway                           WOO, Mike Kraft, Kyle Luetters

                                         18           Minneapolis Raceway                      David Chavarria

                                         1910.     RPM Speedway                                David Chavarria, Sprint Car Shootout

                                         2011.     Lakeside Speedway                           Mike Kraft

                                         2112.     Thunderhill, Mayetta                         Mike Kraft, Travis Patch IMCA

                                         2213.     Whiskey Lake Raceway                    Mike Kraft, Vintage Car Racers, Wounded Warrior, Grail

                                         2314.     Whiskey Lake Raceway                    Mike Kraft, Regular Races

                                         2415.     Thunderhill, Mayetta                        Mike Kraft, Mike Konkright, Mike Nichols

                                         25           Rerun                                            Eagle Cable Choice

                                         2616.     Central Missouri Speedway               Mike Kraft, Tom Wilson Memorial Race, Aaron Warrant, Chirs Warrant

                                         2717.     Belleville High Banks                        Mike Kraft, Midget Natls, Bryan Clauson, Brad Kuhn, Brad Loyet, Kyle Larson

                                         2818.     Deer Creek Speedway                      Mike Kraft, Spring Valley, MN World Modified Dirt,  Randy Queensland, Brad Wait

                                         2919.     I-35 Speedway                                Mike Kraft, Paige Leppin

                                         3020.     Southern Iowa Speedway                 Mike Kraft, Front Row Challenge, Ultimate Challenge, Oskaloosa, IA

                                         3121.     Sweet Springs Motorsports               Mike Kraft, Kart, Micro Sprints, Lucas Boland

                                         3222.     Missouri State Fair Speedway           Mike Kraft, , Alan Miller, MLRA, Anderson, Jim Moody

                                         3323.     Missouri                                          Mike Kraft, USAC and ASCS

                                         3424.     Whiskey Lake Raceway                   Mike Kraft, Vintage Car Racers, Charity Race, Wounded Warrior, Grail

                                         3525.     Valley Speedway/Humboldt              Mike Kraft, Weld Family Memorial, USMTS at Humboldt

                                         3626.     Moberly Missouri                             Mike Kraft, 12 year old racer Jake Griffin

                                         3727.     Salina Speedway                              Mike Kraft, Fall Fling, Part 1

                                         3828.     Salina and RPM Speedway               Mike Kraft, Salina Fall Fling, Part 2 and RPM Fall Nationals part 1

                                         3929.     RPM Speedway                               Mike Kraft, Fall Nationals part 2

                                         4030.     Humboldt Speedway                        Mike Kraft, King of America Modified Nat'ls part 1

                                         4131.     Humboldt Speedway                        Mike Kraft, King of America Modified Nat'ls part 2

                                         4232.     Humboldt Speedway                        Mike Kraft, King of America Modified Nat'ls part 3





SHOW 6 - Original Air Date April 9, 2011

Anderson Custom Shop with Lynn Anderson and host Roger Thompson

Lynn has a shop full of projects.  If you want your restoration project done by the best, check out Anderson Custom Shop and while you're there, sneak a peak at his "collection of a lifetime", vintage cars, pedal cars, gas pumps, signs and much, much more.  It looks like Lynn has been busy for a very long time.


SHOW 5 - Original Air Date April 2, 2011

"Belleville Highbanks Hall of Fame"

 Doug visits with Bob Blazek at the Belleville Highbanks Hall of Fame.  The Hall of Fame is jam-packed full of history, cars, and memorabilia.  Bob gives us a peak at the history and fame that makes the Hall of Fame and the Highbanks race track one that racers and fans all want to see.  Don't miss this show.  It will make you want to take a trip to Belleville to see more.


SHOW 4 - Original Air Date March 26, 2011


    Doug and Roger give you the "quick" intro into the museum.  There is so much history in the museum that they are only able to touch the surface...  I guess you will have to come visit the Kansas Auto Racing Museum to see all there is to see.

SHOW 3 - Original Air Date March 19, 2011


         Host Roger Thompson features Lynn Anderson, Ken Tatro, Bob McCall and Scotty Anderson.  The show discusses the underground of Vintage Car Racing.  The Vintage Car Racing is the epitome of grassroots racing.  This is where it started and we have found those vintage cars are still going strong.....GRS also visited with Nathan Brown.  Nathan is a race car driver and entrepreneur.  He told us about the RevHoney Energy memorial race at Beloit Speedway.  The 2010 memorial race was a tremendous success with the proceeds benefiting the family of Chad McDaniel.  Chad, a native of Concordia was a great friend of racing. He was tragically killed in an accident in 2009 during a race in Knoxville, Iowa.

SHOW 2- Original Air Date March 12, 2011


    On March 12th, we  continued to discuss auto racing safety with Jeremy Petty of JPI and how the rules have changed since his grandfather's fiery crash in 1974.  The show will feature safety seats, helmets and fire suits. Jeremy has grown up with the sport as he is Jack Petty's grandson.  The Petty name is synonymous with racing and Jeremy is a natural in the sport. His knowledge of racing, safety and the importance of sponsors are discussed in detail.  Also on the March 12th show, Jeremy and host Doug Thompson discuss "How to Obtain Local Sponsorship".    Don't miss this episode.


SHOW 1 - Original Air Date March 5, 2011


 GRS introduces you to the show. Our hosts Doug and Roger discuss the importance of safety with special guests race car driver Jack Petty and Crew Chief Pat Neal. Popular race car driver Jack Petty is the first guest for GRS.  Jack was one of 3 race car drivers critically injured in the infamous Hutchinson Nationals fire of 1974.  The photos of the fire forever changed racing across America.





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